Medicolegal Requirements For Reporting Problem Driving
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Educating Our Young ADHD drivers And Their Familie About Their Driving Risk - 2
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Educating Our ADHD and Their Families
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Educating Our Young ADHD Drivers And Their Families About Their Driving Risk
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Educating Our Young ADHD Drivers
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Epidemiology Of ADHD Problems - The Influence Of Gender On ADHD Driving Problems
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Epidemiology Of ADHD Problems -ADHD patients At Increased Risk
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Epidemiology Of ADHD Problem Driving Morbidity & Mortality In Ontario
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The Jerome Driving Questionnaire (JDQ): Structure Clinical Utilitiy And Validity Data
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The Jerome Driving Questionnaire (JDQ): How I Use It In My Practice
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The Jerome Driving Questionnaire (JDQ): Measure Of Functional Impairment
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The Jerome Driving Questionnaire (JDQ): Why Was It Developed
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Adult ADHD-Focused Couple Therapy: Introducing a New Model for Improving Treatment Outcomes in Adults, Couples and Children
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Personalizing Medications and Other Treatments for Children and Adults with ADHD: How and Why
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Emotions and Motivations in ADHD: Moving Beyond DSM-5
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ADHD in Emerging Adults: Why the 20's Are a Critical Time
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ADHD Goes to School
ADHD Learning, Mark Bertin, 202331
An historical exhibition
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196287
ADHD research in Canada
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196288
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196289
John Werry
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196290
Gabrielle Weiss
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196291
Virginia Douglas
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196292
Klaus Minde
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196293
Lily Hechtman
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196294
Russell Schachar
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196295
Raising awareness for ADHD
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196296
The history of CADDRA
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196297
Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196298
The impact of Canadian ADHD research
ADHD Learning, CADDRA 2017, 196299
Atteintes fonctionnelles chez les étudiants ayant un TDAH et liens entre l'usage d'une médication et la consommation à risque de SPA
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Intervention pour les jeunes ayant un TDAH : rôle modérateur de l'adversité familiale
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Treating ADHD and High Functioning Autism with Long-Acting Stimulants May Improve ADHD and ASD Symptoms: A Case Series
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Effect of HLD200 on Early Morning Symptoms and Functional Impairments in Children With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Results from a Pivotal Phase 3 Trial
ADHD Learning, Norberto DeSousa, 196266
The (Lack of) Relationship between ADHD Knowledge and Stigma Perceptions
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Examining Emotion Regulation as a Moderator between Event Perception and Social Skills in ADHD
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ADHD and the Subjective Experience of Mental Effort
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Riding the Rollercoaster: A Qualitative Investigation of Emotional Experience and Regulation in Young Adults with ADHD
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Emotional Functioning and School Readiness in Preschool Children with Symptoms of ADHD: The Influence of Parental Emotion Regulation
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A Measure of Emotional Regulation & Irritability in Children and Adolescents: The Clinical Evaluation of Emotional Regulation-9 (CEER-9)
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Occupational Therapy for Children with Attention Disorders: A Canadian Survey
ADHD Learning, Lina Ianni, 196274
Finding Undiagnosed ADHD in Primary Care
ADHD Learning, Kevin Tong, 196275
Fonctionnement exécutif et scolaire chez les jeunes ayant un TDAH dans le contexte de la transition primaire-secondaire
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The Relation Between Symptoms of ADHD and Eating Disorders
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Strength-Based Developmental Factors in Children Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
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Longitudinal Academic Outcomes of Children with Secondary ADHD following Pediatric Stroke
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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity/Impulsivity Disorder Symptoms at School-Age in Children with Persistent and Transient Language Delay
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Quality of Life and Functionality of Adults with ADHD in the Context of Mental Health
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Mindfulness and ADHD Care
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Management of behavioural dyscontrol in ADHD: Pharmacology often necessary but rarely sufficient
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ADHD Learning, Sam Chang, 150841
The Assessment of Anger, Irritability, Aggression and Oppositional Defiant Disorder in ADHD: What do we know, what do we do?
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Adverse events during pregnancy: are there implications for ADHD?
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Gender differences and effects of comorbidities in outcomes of ADHD
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ADHD Through the Lifespan
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At a crossroad - working with adolescents with ADHD and their families
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Update on Determining Medical Fitness to Drive in patients diagnosed with ADHD
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Progress Towards Understanding the Pathophysiology of ADHD
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ADHD Research Worldwide: Developments and Challenges
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Anatomical neuroimaging of environmental risk factors in children with ADHD.
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Prenatal Stress and DRD4 Genotype: Exploring Gene-Environment Interaction in Children with ADHD.
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Episodic Future Thinking in Children with ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Learning, Seyda Celebi, 142687
Are there differences in socio-cognitive processes and executive functions between ASD and ADHD?
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Effect of Neurofeedback Training on Symptoms in Students with Attention deficit/hyperactivity Disorder
ADHD Learning, Caroline Dupont, 142691
Youth ADHD Symptoms and Relationship Difficulties: The Moderating Role of Emotion Regulation
ADHD Learning, Camille Guerin Marion, 142692
Drifting Thoughts: Mind Wandering and Resilience in Youth with ADHD
ADHD Learning, Christina Gray, 142693
Imaginative Drawing in Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
ADHD Learning, Kayla Ten Eycke, 142696
Emotion Regulation in Children with ADHD: Contributions of Emotion Regulation on Social Functioning in Children with and without ADHD
ADHD Learning, Mikayla Pachkowski, 142697
Knowledge and Perceptions of Canadian Students Regarding Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and the Implications to Stigma Interventions
ADHD Learning, Melissa Yue, 142698
The Positive Illusory Bias (PIB) and Adult-Child Relationship Quality
ADHD Learning, Dominique Salh, 142699
The Impact of Experience on School Psychologists' Perceptions of Stigma in ADHD
ADHD Learning, Laura Flanigan, 142700
Predictors of adult functioning outcomes in individuals with and without childhood ADHD: results from the 16 year follow up of the MTA study
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Investigating the Impacts of Attention and Meta-Attention on Post-Secondary Students’ Online Information Seeking: A Pilot Study
ADHD Learning, Brittany Burek, 142703
The role of Executive Function and Intelligence in Difficulties with Inattention and Hyperactivity/Impulsivity Across Age
ADHD Learning, Jala Rizeq, 142705
ADHD in Acute Care Psychiatric Inpatients
ADHD Learning, Katherine Lines, 142706
The impact of comorbidities in children with ADHD on their quality of life in adulthood
ADHD Learning, Carla Colomer, 142707
The assessment of math abilities in adolescents with ADHD
ADHD Learning, Agnese Capodieci, 142710
The role of academic enablers in the relationship between inattention, hyperactivity, and homework performance
ADHD Learning, Rylee Oram, 142711
Challenges to success in university for undergraduate students with ADHD: Student perspectives
ADHD Learning, Laura Friesen, 142712
The Role of Language Comprehension in the Relationship between Working Memory and Reading Comprehension among Youth with and without ADHD
ADHD Learning, Genevieve Mackenzie, 142715
Parental Sense of Competence and School Readiness in Preschool Children
ADHD Learning, Oana Bucsea, 142717
A multidisciplinary approach to adult ADHD treatment: characteristics and treatment outcomes in an outpatient population.
ADHD Learning, Carmen Guenther, 142720
Occupational therapy for children with attention disorders: A scoping review
ADHD Learning, Lina Ianni, 142721
Effect of PRC-063 on Executive functioning in adults with ADHD treated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-center study with a six-month open label extension
ADHD Learning, Graeme Donnelly, 142722
Effect of PRC-063 on executive functioning in adolescents with ADHD treated in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-center study with a six-month open label extension
ADHD Learning, Graeme Donnelly, 142723
Sleep Quality Outcomes in adults and adolescents with ADHD treated with PRC-63 on Executive Functioning in adolescent with ADHD in a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-center study with a six-month open label extension
ADHD Learning, Graeme Donnelly, 142724
Four Month Efficacy and Safety Study of Multilayer Release Methylphenidate (MLR MPH) in the Treatment of Workplace Productivity and Functional Outcomes in Adults with ADHD
ADHD Learning, Graeme Donnelly, 142725
Adverse event reporting rates for therapeutic failure in long-acting once-daily methylphenidate medications: Analysis of Canadian and U.S. spontaneous adverse event reporting databases
ADHD Learning, Laura Park-Wyllie, 142727
Separating efficacy and sedative effects of guanfacine extended release in children and adolescents with ADHD from five randomized, controlled, phase 3 clinical trials
ADHD Learning, Varin Gosein, 142728
Adult ADHD and Mood and Anxiety Disorder Comorbidity in a Clinical Trial Cohort
ADHD Learning, Michael Van Ameringen, 142729
A Computational Evaluation of Methylphenidate Dosing for ADHD Treatment
ADHD Learning, Philippe Robaey, 147345
Answering the Call of Duty. A Debate on the Harms of Videogaming. - Rebuttal
ADHD Learning, Samuel Chang, 117687
Answering the Call of Duty. A Debate on the Harms of Videogaming.
ADHD Learning, Samuel Chang, 116905
Answering the Call of Duty. A Debate on the Harms of Videogaming.
ADHD Learning, Don Duncan, 116906
ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Comorbidity and Treatment
ADHD Learning, Doron Almagor, 116903
Myths and Realities in Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological ADHD Treatments
ADHD Learning, Annick Vincent, 116904
ADHD and Computer Addictions
ADHD Learning, Umesh Jain, 116901
Management of Severe Disruptive Behaviour
ADHD Learning, Martin Gignac, 116902
Dazed & Confused. What we know about cannabis use among individuals with ADHD
ADHD Learning, Scott Kollins, 116900
ODD: A New Perspective on an Old Diagnosis.
ADHD Learning, Don Duncan, 63040

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